ADVANCE INSPECTION & TESTING LAB, DELHI has vast testing experience of petroleum oil testing according to standard specifications with all its latest & sophisticated Equipments.

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Testing of Air compressor oil, Petroleum Oils, furnace oil testing ,machine oils, automotive fuels, Aviation Fuel, Biofuels, solvents , coolants, Bunker Fuel, , Crude Oil ,brake fluids, Petroleum testing in delhi, Diesel testing, Industrial oils & Greases, Fuel Oil, Gasolines, Jet Fuel oil testing, Kerosene, Lube Oils, Lubricant Oils testing , cutting oil, Residual Fuel, Petrochemicals, engine oil testing , Gear oils testing, hydraulic fluids Insulating oils, Transformer oil testing delhi, quenching oil, Turbine Fuels, Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel. Routine tests in petroleum oils performed by AITL


  • Density,
  • Kinematic viscosity,
  • Viscosity Index,
  • Sulphur,
  • Ash content,
  • Sulphated ash
  • Pour Point,
  • Cloud Point
  • Flash Point,
  • Fire point
  • Total Base No
  • Total Acid No,
  • Emulsion Characterstics
  • Water content
  • Rust Preventive Characteristics,
  • Sediments,
  • Calorific Value,
  • Copper Corrosion test,
  • And other important tests

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