Plastic & Rubber Testing

Advance Inspection & Testing Lab with its strong technical background & vast experience of in testing of plastic & rubber testing, provides testing solutions to plastic industries & Organizations . AITL is the only lab serving maximum number of clients of plastic industries and organizations.
Plastic testing / Rubber testing/ Polymers testing in Delhi
Plastic Components, Rubber Components, Polymers testing, ABS, Foam, PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Automotive Tyre testing delhi, Nylon , Tubes, Syringes, Surgical materials testing, Rubber Hoses, Rubber Rings, Fiber Reinforced Plastic Products(FRP) testing, Plastic Containers, PMMA, Plastic labels, Blood Bags, Flexible PVC compounds, leather testing delhi, shoe polish testing Delhi

Identification & conformation of Plastics
Identification & conformation of Rubbers

Composition of Plastics, Rubbers, Polymers and composites
Tensile Strength, Elongation, MFI, Hardness, Aging tests, Polymer content, Oil resistance, Chemical resistance, density, Glass fiber content, Carbon black, Titanium dioxide, Carbon black dispersion, Filler analysis, Compression set.
And other various Important Test
Standards Followed:
Indian Standards (IS)
British Standards (BS)
International Standards (ISO)
American Standards (ASTM)
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