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Advance Testing Lab In delhi

Minerals & ores Testing

ADVANCE INSPECTION & TESTING LAB has highly trained and talented manpower in testing of minerals and ores and ensures timely release of reports with complete accuracy.
Talc, Mica, Iron ores, Coal testing, Pet-coke, cement raw materials testing, Manganese ores, Magnetite, refractory materials testing Delhi, Gypsum, Feldspar, Quartz, clay, Bauxite testing, Clay testing, Talc, Limestone, abrasive materials testing ,Dolomite, Rock Phosphate, Quartzite, Gold, silver testing Delhi and ores testing, , Bleaching powder, soaps & detergents testing lab Delhi.

Loss on Ignition, Silica as SiO2, Iron as FeO, Iron as Fe2O3, Total iron as Fe, Chromium as Cr2O3, Manganese as MnO2, Titanium as TiO2, Calcium oxide, Magnesium oxide, Boron , Arsenic, Sodium as Na2O, Potassium as K2O, Sieve analysis, Specific gravity, Magnesium oxide
Indian Standards (IS)
British Standards (BS)
International Standards (ISO)
American Standards (ASTM)
German Standards
Reference books for analysis of mineral ores