Laboratory Setting

Advance Inspection & Testing Lab, offers services for setting up of commercial/in-house quality control, School, College, Engineering Institute, laboratories in following fields :


  1. Cement Testing.
  2. Concrete Testing
  3. Aggregate Testing
  4. Bricks Testing
  5. Bitumen Testing
  6. Road material Testing
  7. Petroleum product Testing
  8. Steel Testing
  9. Tiles Testing
  10. Plastics Testing
  11. Rubbers Testing
  12. Textiles Testing
  13. Paper and paper products Testing
  14. Wood and wood products Testing
  15. Water Testing
  16. Effluent Testing
  17. NDT testing
  18. Cable testing
  19. Electrical products Testing
  20. Food product Testing
  21. Paints Testing


Metal Testing
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