Bricks Testing Lab | Advance Testing Lab in Delhi, India

Advance Inspection & Testing Lab delivering an extensive range of bricks testing services to their clients, AITL had successfully finished many projects. Our Bricks Testing Laboratory provides accurate results on time at a competitive price.

We are analyzing the quality of bricks testing. Our brick laboratories are equipped with the latest sophisticated testing types of equipment.

Bricks/ Brick Tiles Testing

  • Clay Brick Testing
  • Fire / Acid Resistance Brick Testing
  • Fly Ash/ Lime Brick
  • Sand Lime bricks
  • Building Bricks Testing
  • Facing Bricks
  • Paving Bricks
  • Sewer Bricks

Major Tests We Perform

Compressive Strength, Water Absorption, Efflorescence, Dimensions etc

Indian Standards We Followed.

IS: 1077, IS: 3495, IS: 12894, IS: 13757, IS: 1526, IS: 1528, IS: 2042, IS: 2222 etc

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