Advance Inspection & Testing Lab has a highly experienced analyst who provides Coke, Energy and Coal Testing lab in Delhi, Coke Testing and Activated Carbon, Carbon Powder, Carbon Black Testing with complete accuracy and reliability.

Our Coal Testing lab is a Delhi based test house having skilled professionals for Coke, Energy and Coal testing lab in Delhi who closely interact with the customers according to their requirements.

Apart from this, instruments are designed using the latest technology in accordance with the set industry norms. 

In addition to this, the services offered by us on a regular basis & are available at market leading prices.

Common Tests conducted on Coal includes as per IS 1350 PART 1, IS 1350 PART 2, IS 1350 PART 3

  • Calorific value(Gross)

Gross Calorific Value is described as measuring heat value or absolute Value of specific energy of combustion for the unit mass of a solid fuel burned in oxygen in a bomb calorimeter under specific conditions. This is a very important test as it decides the quality of Coal testing.

  • Proximate analysis- Moisture, Volatile matter, Ash and Fixed Carbon.
  • Sulphur content
  • Ash analysis – Al2O3, SiO2, CaO, MgO, TiO2, Na2O, K2O, S etc.
  • Ash Fusion Temperature.

Briquettes testing services are also available in our Delhi testing laboratory for Gross calorific Value as per Indian Standards.

A gross calorific value test also performs by our Testing lab on Biofuel pellets.

Common Tests Conducted on Activated Carbon

  • Sieve analysis
  • Iodine value,
  • MB Value,
  • Acid Value,
  • KMNO4 Value,
  • pH value,
  • Chloride content,
  • sulphate content,
  • Ash

Features of Coke, Energy, and Coal Testing Lab in Delhi 

  • Ensures coal quality
  • Testing by professionals
  • Timely services
  • Cost-effective