The water testing lab in Delhi is a state-of-the-art facility that provides water testing services for both private and public sector clients. The lab is equipped with the latest technology and has a team of highly trained professionals who can provide accurate and timely results.

Various Government Institutions like FSSAI, Schools, Colleges, Hotels, Restaurants, Dhaba, Hospitals, Dental Clinics, Industries, Individual, corporate offices require Drinking Water testing Reports from water testing lab.

The Best Water Testing Lab in Delhi?

Advance inspection and testing lab is the best water testing lab in Delhi. Our water testing laboratory is well equipped with water testing instruments for water testing services

Our Drinking water testing services are according to IS 10500 having organoleptic water tests, Physical & chemical water testing, Bacteriological/Microbiological water testing. E. Coli and Total Coliform Bacteria’s are very harmful and dangerous for human consumption. Various Drinking water sources are RO, Borewell, Well Water, municipalities, rivers etc.

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With a strong scientific foundation, expert chemists, and cutting-edge technology, Advance Inspection & Testing lab is equipped with all the resources necessary to provide superior lab testing services to our clients.

AITL has vast experience in water testing as per standard specification.

Drinking water should be tested quarterly for its quality for essential tests and including other parameters at least half yearly. If you are using water purification system, still you need to go for few essential tests regularly.

AITL provides:

  • Testing of Drinking water as per IS:10500
  • Testing of Natural Mineral water as per IS: 13428
  • Testing of Packaged drinking water as per IS: 14543
  • Testing of Water for reagent purpose as per IS: 1070
  • Testing of Water for irrigation purpose as per IS: 11624
  • Testing of Water for boiler water/feed water purpose as per IS: 10496
  • Testing of Water for food processing as per IS: 4251