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ADVANCE INSPECTION & TESTING LAB, DELHI has vast testing experience of petroleum oil testing lab according to standard specifications with all its latest & sophisticated Equipment.

Our Oil Testing Lab provides oil analysis in our Delhi-based laboratory and testing on a global basis. Our Company has wide experience in oil testing and has been ranked among the top oil/diesel testing laboratories in India.

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These services are widely used in petroleum industries.

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Requirement of Oil Testing

  1. Regular Oil analysisis often a particularlyviable means for preventing oil-related part failure, reducing downtime, and controlling maintenance costs in both industrial and heavy-duty applications.
  2. Oil testing is often aneffective tool in determining oil’s condition. Albeit the firstfocus should be onmonitoring for wear, determining the oil condition through analysis remains important.
  3. By analyzing the oil in our soil testing lab, it’spossible to determinethe oil’s condition and its ability to continue protecting the Equipment.
  4. An oil analysis program will indicate any changes in viscosity, oxidation, and depletion of additives within theoil.
  5. It’ll also show if any contaminants are present. Water in engine oil can cause severe damage to your engine – the oil will be denatured and no longer effectively cooled, so water content analysis in oil is very much important.


  • Density
  • Kinematic viscosity Test
  • Viscosity Index
  • Sulphur
  • Ash content
  • Sulphated Ash
  • Conradson Carbon Residue Testing
  • Pour Point
  • Cloud Point
  • Flash Point Testing
  • Fire Point
  • Total Base No
  • Total Acid No
  • Emulsion Characteristics
  • Water Content
  • Rust Preventive Characteristics
  • Sediments
  • Gross Calorific Value Test
  • Copper Corrosion Test
  • And Other Important Tests