Paper and Packaging Material Testing Services

Advance Inspection & Testing Lab provide paper and packaging material testing services, let’s discuss one-by-one.

Advance Testing Lab’s Paper Testing Services

Advance Inspection & Testing Lab provides accurate and reliable testing for paper and packaging material. We recognize the need for a highly competent laboratory offering a full range of testing for paper and packaging materials.

Our Paper testing laboratory is a unique name in the industry to provide our precious clients with the best quality Paper Product Testing. Our skilled team of professionals carries out the provided service in the best possible manner to satisfy customers.

India Paper Testing Service

Testing of Fine Papers, paper and packaging materials testing, solid board, paper packaging, bond paper, Newsprint paper testing, corrugated fiberboard boxes, Corrugating Medium, Kraft paper, writing paper testing in Delhi, Tissue paper, coated paper AITL performs all Physical and Chemical tests of paper.

Testing Parameters:

Grammage/Weight/substance, Moisture, Breaking strength, Burst Strength, Cobb Tests, pH, Chloride, Sulphate, Coating content, Gloss, Tio2 content and filler content, Alkalinity, Ash Content and all physical & Chemical tests.

Packaging Material Testing Services

Advance Inspection & Testing Lab provides testing services of the package materials as per. 

  • IS: 9845
  • IS: 10171
  • IS: 15392

Food Grade Testing for Packaging Materials

In our Packaging material testing lab, food-grade testing or overall migration tests are conducted on the packaging materials that come directly in contact with the food products. It ensures that no toxicity transfers from the packaging material to the food item, and thus the items remain safe for consumption.

Our experts perform migration tests in our paper and packaging testing laboratory.

Corrugated Box Testing Lab

We also offer Corrugated box Testing services to Carton Box Manufacturers. A corrugated box is an industrially used box used in healthcare industries, textile industries for office supply and stationary. Grammage, Bursting Strength Test & Burst factor tests are the major tests to check the quality of a corrugated box.

3 Corrugated ply boxes, 5ply corrugated boxes, 7 plies, 9 plies, corrugated boxes are used for various purposes. From composite sample to each ply, we perform various tests. Our Corrugated box testing lab provides complete testing services in Delhi.

Standards Followed:

  • Indian Standards
  • ASTM
  • Reference Books
  • International Standards