Soil Testing

Advance Inspection & Testing Lab with wide experience provide analysis of fabric and apparel to leading National & International standards which include specialized testing of Fibres/ Textiles and Garments.

Textile /Fibre Testing In delhi

  • Fibre testing,
  • Clothings/Suitings
  • Sacks,
  • Carpets,
  • Towels, hankeys
  • Cotton / Viscose / Nylon / Wool / Polyester content, textile testing Delhi
  • Leather & Leather Products Testing
  • Jute

Textile Testing Parameters
Cotton / Viscose / Nylon / Wool / Polyester content,count, ends & Picks, Mass per unit area, Breaking strength, Elongation, Color Fastness to rubbing, Color Fastness to washing, Color Fastness to saliva, Color Fastness to persipiration, Color Fastness to sea water/chlorinated water Color Fastness to chlorine bleach, C , wrinkle free tests, Fibre identification, Fabric Quality Tests, Fibre composition, scouring loss,