With a strong scientific foundation, expert chemists, and cutting-edge technology, Advance Inspection & Testing lab is equipped with all the resources necessary to provide superior lab testing services to our clients.

AITL has vast experience in water testing as per standard specification.

Drinking water should be tested quarterly for its quality for essential tests and including other parameters at least half yearly.If you are using water purification system, still you need to go for few essential tests regularly.

AITL provides:

  • Testing of Drinking water as per IS:10500
  • Testing of Natural Mineral water as per IS: 13428
  • Testing of Packaged drinking water as per IS: 14543
  • Testing of Water for reagent purpose as per IS: 1070
  • Testing of Water for irrigation purpose as per IS: 11624
  • Testing of Water for boiler water/feed water purpose as per IS: 10496
  • Testing of Water for food processing as per IS: 4251